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TMA Kehror Pakka

The Tehsil Municipal Administration is a body corporate and consists of the Tehsil Nazim, Tehsil Municipal Officer, 4 Tehsil Officers and other officials of the Local Council Service and officials of the offices entrusted to the Tehsil Municipal Administration. A Tehsil Nazim is the head of Tehsil Municipal Administration and exercises all functions and powers as have been assigned to him under the Ordinance. The Tehsil Municipal Officer is acting as coordinating and administrative officer in-charge of the Tehsil Officers.

Administrative Setup (TMA Kehror Pakka)
Rao Imtiaz Ahmad (Administrator)
Rao Imtiaz Ahmad (Administrator)

Tehsil Officers of TMA Kehror Pakka
Rao Muhammad Ali
Tehsil Municipal Officer (TMO)
Tehsil Officer (Finance)
Tehsil Officer (Regulation)
Ch. Muhammad Shafiq Tehsil Municipal Officer (TMO) (Tehsil Officer (Finance)) (Tehsil Officer (Regulation))
Shaukat Mehmood Buzdar
Tehsil Officer (Infrastructure & Service)
Tehsil Officer (Planning & Coordination)
Council Officer
Shaukat Mehmood Buzdar (Tehsil Officer (Infrastructure & Service)) (Tehsil Officer (Planning & Coordination)) (Council Officer)
Amir Hayat
Tariq Mehmood
Chief Sanitary Inspector
(Accountant) Amir Hayat (Auditor) Tariq Mehmood (Chief Sanitary Inspector)
Building Inspector
Incharge Complaint Cell
Computer Operator
(Building Inspector) (Incharge Complaint Cell) (Computer Operator)