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Welcome to Lodhran, Lodhran is the District of Punjab, Pakistan. (www.lodhran.pk)

Lodhran is Land of Fruit, Love and Emotions...

Telephone Directory of District Lodhran

Name Phone No Fax No
Pakistan Code 92 No
District Lodhran Code 0608 No
District Lodhran PostalCode 59320 No
Emergency Police 15 No
Fire Brigade 16 No
Telephone Inquiry 18 No
Airport Inquiry 114 No
Eidhi Center 115 No
Railway Inquiry 117 No
WAPDA Inquiry 118 No
Sui Gas Inquiry 119 No
High Way Patrolling Police 1124 No
DCO Office Lodhran 9200066-100 9200077
Res.DCO Lodhran 9200200 9200088
(EDOR),DCO LD 9200056-7 No
(EDOR),Rest House LD 9200170 No
DOC/DO Cord 9200080 No
DDO (C) District Nazim 9200070 No
EDO Finance 9200094-5 No
District Nazim 9200072-92,93 9200172
Assistant Director(ADLG) 9200128 No
TMA/TMO 9200051-52 No
EDO Agriculture 9200106 No
Extra Asstt Director Agriculture 9200107 No
Unit Supervisor Agri Engineer 9200171 No
SDO Irrigation 9200031 No
Rest House of SDO Irrigation 9200179 No
District Food Controller 9200133 No
Assistant Food Controller 9200140 No
XEN WAPDA 9200151 No
SDO RRE WAPDA 9200152 No
Assistant Manager MEPCO 9200153 No
SDO MEPCO (Rural) 9200154 No
WAPDA (Inquiry) DSO Urban 9200155 No
SDO PC Pole Plant 9200156 No
WAPDA (Ro WAPDA) 9200157 No
XEN MEPCO 9200160 No
Incharg (Atomic Energy) 9200192 No
Sui Northern Gas Pvt.Ltd 9200119 No
Election Office 9200023-24 No
NADRA Office 9200029-30 No
Market Committee 9200041 No
Lodhran Pilot Project 9200190 No
NFC Storage 9200032 No
Distt. Population Officer 9200193-94 No
Daar-ul-Amaan Office 9200173 No
District Atorny Officer 9200091 No
Distt.Bar room 9200184-85 No
Distt. Health Officer(DHO) 9200034 No
Medical Superident(DHQ) 9200122-3 No
HAS Center (DHQ) 9200161 No
Post Office Lodhran 9200012-14 No
Post Office Lodhran 9200129-30 No
National Bank of Pakistan 9200011 No
National Bank of Pakistan 9200026-8 No
United Bank Ltd 9200102-5,8 No
Soneri Bank of Lodhran 0608-364767 No
Bank of Punjab Lodhran 9200149-50 No
Zarai Taraqiati Bank of Pakistan 9200039 No
Punjab Provicial Bank 9200040 No
National Saving Center 9200046 No
Khaushali Bank Lodhran 9200141-2 No
Co-Operative Society Lodhran 9200042-60 No
National Rural Support Program 9200143-4 No
EDO Education 9200038 No
EDO Literacy 9200048 No
EDO Colleges 9200125 No
Registrar Deptt. Examination 9200125 No
Govt.Girls High School Lodhran 9200037 No
Govt. Boys High School Lodhran 9200096 No
Govt. School of Special Education 9200167 No
Nursing School of Women 9200135 No
Lodhran Public School Lodhran 9200136 No
Govt. College for Women Lodhran 9200137 No
Vocational Training Insittue 9200138 No
Distt. Police Officer (DPO) 9200061-2 9200063
DSP Headquaters Lodhran 9200065 No
DSP Legal Branch Lodhran 9200064 No
DPO Exchang No. Lodhran 9200067-8 No
DPO Complaint Cell Lodhran 9200069 No
DSP CIA Investigation-I Lodhran 9200075 No
DSP CIA Invsestigation-II Lodhran 9200076 No
Thana Anti Corruption Lodhran 9200074 No
Thana Sadar Lodhran 9200083 No
Thana City Lodhran 9200087 No
Thana City Lodhran (Control Room) 9200089 No
DSP Punjab Highway Petrol 9200020(1124) No
DSP Highway 9200022 No
Civil Defence 9200036 No
Civil Defence 9200058(1332) No
Deputy Distt. Officer Revenue 9200145 No
Distt. Planning Officer 9200127 No
Distt. Ushar Zakat Committee 9200163-64 No
Pakistan Bait-ul-Maal 9200146 No
District Information Officer 9200196 No
Distirct Officer Revenue 9200120-21 No
District Sports Officer 9200071 No
DDO (HRM) DCO Office 9200181 No
District Accounts Office 9200101 No
District Monitoring Officer 9200085 No
District Regional Transport Authority 9200059 No
EDO Works and Services 9200110 No
Police Patrolling Post Makhdom Ali 0608-531602 No
Police Patrolling Post Rukan Pur 0608-603123 No
Police Patrolling Post Qutab Pur 0608-540364 No
Police Patrolling Post Sharak Wah 0608-343191 No
Naeem Iqbal (Managing Director of Umer's Fashion Lahore, Pakistan) 0300-4454757 (+971551748870) No

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