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Welcome to Lodhran, Lodhran is the District of Punjab, Pakistan. (www.lodhran.pk)

Lodhran is Land of Fruit, Love and Emotions...

Important Abbrevations (List of Abbrevations)

AbbreviationCompleted Name
GSMGlobal Services for Mobile Communication
CNGCompressed Natural Gas
ACCAAssociate of the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants
a.dAfter Date, Anti Diem
AIOUAllama Iqbal Open University
a.mAnti Maridiem
APPAssociated Press of Pakistan
ARDAlliance for the Restoration of Democracy.
ASIAssistent Sub-Inspector
ATMAutomated Teller Machine
B.ComBachelor of Commerce.
B.EdBachelor of Education
B.ScBachelor of Science
B.ABachelor of Arts
BBCBritish Broadcasting Corporation
BISEBoard of Intermediate and Secondary Education
BISPBenazir Income Support Programme
BJPBharatiya Janata Party
B.O.GsBoard of Governors
B.PharmBachelor of Pharmacy
C.AChartered Accountancy
C.B.ICentral Bureau of Investigation
C.B.RCentral Board of Revenue
C.D.ACapital Development Authority
C.E.OChief Executive Officer
C.I.ACrimes Investigation Agency
C.I.ACentral Intelligence Agency
C.L.ICalling Line Identification
C.M.HCombined Military Hospital
C.N.NCable News Network
C.P.IConsumer Price Index
C.P.UCentral Processing Unit
C.S.SCentral Superior Service
C.T.B.TComprehensive Test Ban Treaty
D.B.ADatabase Administrator
D.B.ADiploma in Business Administrator
D.B.M.SDatabase Management System
D.CDeputy Commissioner
D.C.ODistrict Coordination Officer
D.I.ADiploma in International Affairs
D.I.GDeputy Inspector General
D.N.ADeoxyribo Nucleic Acid
D.O.SDisk Operating System
D.P.ODistrict Police Officer
D.S.PDeputy Superintendent of Police
D.V.DDynamic Versatile Disc
E.C.GElectro Cardiograph
E.C.LExit Control List
E.D.OExecutive District Officer
E.F.AEducation For All
e.gExample gratia, for example
F.AFaculty of Arts
F.A.N.AFederally Administered Northern Areas
F.A.T.AFederally Administered Tribal Areas
FAQsFrequently Asked Questions
F.B.IFederal Bureau of Investigation
F.B.RFederal Board of Revenue
F.B.I.S.EFederal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education
F.CFrontier Constabulary
F.I.AFederal Investigation Agency
F.I.F.AFederation International de Football Association
F.I.RFirst Information Report
F.MFrequency Modulation
F.MField Marshal, Foreign Minister
F.P.S.CFederal Public Service Commission
F.D.AFaisalabad Development Authority
F.S.CFederal Shariat Court
FTAFree Trade Agreement
FYFiscal Year
GATGraduate Assessment Test
G.D.PGross Domestic Product
G.H.QGeneral Headquarter
G.M.A.TGraduate Management Admission Test
G.M.TGreenwich Mean Time
G.P.OGeneral Post Office
G.R.EGraduate Record Examination
G.S.TGeneral Sales Tax
G.T.RoadGrand Trunk Road
H.CHigh Court
H.D.AHyderabad Development Authority
HECHigher Education Commission
HRMHuman Resource Management
I.A.E.AInternational Atomic Energy Agency
I.BIntelligenc Bureau
I.B.AInstitute of Business Administration
I.C.CInternational Cricket Council
I.C.IImperial Chemical Industries
I.D.BIslamic Development Bank
IDPsInternally Displaced Persons
IELTSInternational English Language Testing System
I.GInspector General
SSNSocial Security number (9 - digit number)
FLSAFair Labor Standards Act (24-July-2009)
EINEmployer Identification Number
ACSAdministrative Computing Services
ACHAutomated Clearing House
MVP(Minimum Viable Product)most valuable player
EFTPSElectronic Federal Tax Payment System
PTOPaid Time Off
YTDYear to Date (1st Jan to Current Date)
AISAdministrative Information Systems
N/CNo Change
KPIKey Performance Indicators
IRSInternal Revenue Service
FICAFederal Insurance Contributions Act
FUTAFederal Unemployment Tax Act
SUTAState Unemployment Tax Act
SUIState Unemployment Insurance
W2Year-end statement each employee receives from an employer at the end of the calendar year.
W4 Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate
1099-MISCmiscellaneous income to the IRS
I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification form
ALPAnnual Leave Payoff
ALCAnnual Leave Cash out
EICEarned Income Credit.
BSHBase Scheduled Hours
BVBudget Verification
CPTCalculated Payroll Transactions
CPYPayroll Cyclic Processing
CTPCompensatory Time Off
EFTElectronic Funds Transfer
PAYEPay As You Earn
ODFIOriginating Depository Financial Institution
RDFIReceiving Depository Financial Institution
NSFNon-sufficient funds
SFTPSecure File Transfer Protocols
FTPFile Transfer Protocols
OAIOpen API Initiative
DSLR digital single-lens reflex
SDIState Disability Insurance
LSTLocal Service Tax (applicable to local jurisdiction)
ETFEducation Trust Fund
CPLContinuous Page Layout ()
FPLFixed Page Layout (.rdlx)
RDLReport Definition Language (RDL)
SSRSSQL Server Reporting Services
BIOSBasic Input Output System
KKilobyte which is 1024 bytes
MBMegabyte which is a million bytes
GBGigabyte, which equals 1000 megabytes
CPUCentral Processing Unit
MAC abbreviation for Macintosh
OSOperating System
PC personal computer
PDFPortable Document Format
RAM Random Access Memory
ROMRead Only Memory
VGA Video Graphics Array
WYSIWYG What You See Is What You Get Read more at http://abbreviations.yourdictionary.com/articles/computer-abbreviations.html#wxMQcU1GJ0tixt8z.99
FTPFile Transport Protocol
HTMLHyperText Markup Language
HTTPHypertext Transfer Protocol
IPInternet Protocol
ISPInternet Service Provider